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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is this the begining of the Google-Troogle

Google Plans on Launching Travel Search Service

The online search giant seems to be interested in launching a feature that will allow users to search for cheap airfare and travel accommodation, which should prove quite successful with the holiday just around the corner.

Getting involved in the travel related business isn't something new for search engines, as Yahoo announced month that it plans to offer tools which turn Yahoo Travel into an online travel guide and encourages users to publish and share their travel experiences.

Google's announced feature will probably compete and be more successful than search sites specialized on travel and tourism, like Sidestep and Kayak, which skim through all published bookings information for fares and reservation prices. Google says that travel agencies such as Expedia and Travelocity, which also have online visibility, will not be affected by the new search feature, as they offer a complete package of information and the actual tickets.

On Google, users can input specific flight inquiries between two points and the results will be offered as links to websites that offer information about the fares. For the time being, Google representatives didn't give any information about when this service will be expanded or made permanent.

Specialized companies already fear the competition
~Adrian Stanciu, Sci-Tech News Editor


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